Planning a trip to Iceland

For this year’s summer placement (a compulsory part of my geography course) I decided I would do something a bit more exciting than your average work experience (making cups of tea and while frankly learning very little about the role you’re meant to be doing). A group of 4 of us, Maddie, Owen and Charlie (they will feature a lot in the following Iceland posts) thought a trip abroad would be the best way to spend our summer. We considered Hawaii but quickly retracted that idea after seeing flight prices. When somebody mentioned Iceland we all jumped at the chance and surprisingly the flights weren’t too expensive. After a number of meetings with our course leader it was decided that as long as we had a purpose and showed evidence of completing some research before and after the trip we could go for two weeks and use it as our five week placement.

We decided the purpose of our trip would be to experience life as a student at the University of Iceland. We plan to talk to current students and lecturers at the university and perhaps go on a tour to compare it to life as a student in Bournemouth. I will try and do a daily update of what we find whilst there, depending on the strength of the wifi etc. As well as the more boring worky part of the trip, obviously there will hopefully be a lot of sight seeing. This is the part I look forward to the most. I am fortunate enough to have visited Iceland 5 years ago for a brief school trip in year 10. Although, in all honesty I don’t remember doing anything other than messing around and taking pictures of friends on the coach. I don’t believe a school trip to a place as amazing as Iceland was fully appreciated at that age. Also the weather was pretty crap and I didn’t have a very good camera so I only have a handful of decent scenic photos.


Hopefully the weather will be a bit brighter than last time!

During this next trip I hope to properly experience some of the amazing sights of Iceland and take as many photos as possible. After receiving some funding from the university it would be great to put that money to good use and do something amazing each day of the 14 day trip. We leave on Monday morning from Luton at 0600GMT, meaning we have a whole day of exploring to start off with. I’d imagine it will be spent stocking up the fridge with (probably rather overpriced) food and settling into the area. We have rented an Airbnb place in the second largest suburb of Reykjavik.

I will update this blog as often as possible (unless there are days when we do nothing obviously) and maybe even add some geographical explanations for the cool things we see and do! Make sure you check my instagram too, which I’m sure I will be bombarding with pictures of volcanoes etc.

Hope you enjoy the Iceland posts.

Jodie x

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