Getting our bearings in the land of eggy water

After a great flight and easy transfer all we did on our first day in Iceland was have a little wander around the streets surrounding our house. We are staying in an Airbnb place (linked below) in a suburb called Grafarvogur which is the second largest district in Reykjavik. We managed to walk to the local supermarket to stock the cupboards up with some food and stop for a burger in an American diner. It was also amazingly sunny so fingers crossed it stays like that the whole 2 weeks!

Our impressions of Grafarvogur after day one:

  • None of us seem to be able to get our heads around the fact that its light pretty much ALL THE TIME. We ended up going to bed really late because we hadn’t realised quite how light it would stay! I’m sure this is something we will get used to and my eye mask will definitely come in handy.
  • The place we’re staying is incredible, so well equipped and very clean. Even though we’ve only just arrived I’d definitely recommend it.
  • Every time somebody has a shower it stinks of egg. Luckily the tap water is drinkable and doesn’t taste eggy though!
  • The views are great even though we barely left the house on the first day. All we did was walk to the local supermarket but on the way back you can see the whole valley! Annoyingly all of us forgot phones and cameras as we didn’t expect the views to be anything special!
  • Food shopping is going to be quite hard (almost like being forced to stop shopping at Lidl and buy everything in Waitrose). Its also pretty weird that that £1 is the same as 160ISK so everything looks more expensive than it actually is. We found packets of super noodles for 36ISK (which is the equivalent to 22p) and stocked up the cupboards with those.

Even though we didn’t do much on our first day in Iceland we have now got a feel for the area and are looking forward to planning the rest of our trip!

Jodie x




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