Watching the Midnight Sunset

After our busy day walking to Reykjavik you’d have thought we’d want an early night but being the keen geography students that we are, we decided to stay up and watch the sun set. Little did we know that even when the sun actually sets it doesn’t properly get dark at all! We wandered down to the little harbour bit in Grafarvogur at 23.45 as the sun was due to set at 23.52. It felt more like a very early morning than late at night which was bizarre! I’ve never experienced anything quite like it and I don’t know if I’ll have time to get used to it in the two weeks that we’re here! We climbed up onto a hill just in time to see the sun disappear behind a giant cloud near the horizon!



These photos were all take at midnight!!!


Maddie and I we were getting cold/tired and had taken enough photos so we left the boys on the hill and made our way back to the house! I think we were all half expecting it to actually get dark once the sun had gone down but it became clear that it actually wouldn’t! The sun was due to rise again at 3am and 3 hours didn’t seem enough time for it to get dark and light again! I didn’t stay up to wait for the dark but according to the boys who stayed up (just to double check), it definitely didn’t get much darker than these pictures!!


This is certainly something I’ve never experienced before and I would 100% recommend coming to Iceland in the summer just so see for yourselves this bizarre ‘midnight sun’! I’d also recommend staying in a place with decent black-out blinds or investing in a sleeping mask!


Jodie x




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