The Sun Voyager | Reykjavik

Having decided to do a trip on friday to the secret lagoon and the golden circle tour, a trip into town to Harpa was needed to book the excursion. This was our first time getting the bus into town and as we’d been warned that buses do not give change so we scraped together all our coins for the 420ISK fare. On the bus we simply chucked all our change into a clear bucket next to the driver who didn’t even count our change.

Once we’d booked our tour with Sterna Travel in the Harpa building, we made our way along the waterfront to the famous Sun Voyager sculpture. We had to wait a while for all the other tourists to move away from the statue before actually getting any photos but when we did they were fab! The backdrop of the mountains made it more interesting and we were again lucky with blue skies.

We made our way from the Sun Voyager back into the city centre and wandered along the main high-street towards the tourist information centre to stock up on bus tickets for the next few days (definitely something worth doing as you can buy as many as you like and say by card). It was also nice to walk to the harbour to eat our sandwiches (another good idea to save money). The water was soooo clear despite there being quite a few boats and there were loads of jellyfish in the water!

Even though we’d said we wouldn’t do it again we decided to walk back from Reykjavik to our house to save the bus fare. It was nice to see the main street in the town centre and there were quite a few photo opportunities.

We also walked through the botanical gardens again and stopped for a little sunbathe on a bench. It didn’t feel like we were in Iceland at all (especially when I had to get the suncream out).

It was nice to break the walk up and it certainly didn’t feel as long the second time round! We’re all looking forward to the trip tomorrow so are about to head to bed to have an early night. Tomorrow’s post should be very exciting!!

Jodie x


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