Museums Galore

Apologies for my lack of posts, the last few days haven’t been the most blog worthy. On Saturday we discovered a cheaper supermarket where we could buy frozen pizzas for the equivalent of £1.50 (I know right, SO exciting) and on Sunday evening we headed to the city centre to watch the football final. For someone who’s really not into football at all, I found it actually quite exciting to watch on a big screen and the atmosphere was great!

So, after our more relaxed two days, we thought we’d take a trip into town to look around the museums. We’d left this plan for today as we’d heard all of the museums that usually have an entrance fee, are free on Mondays. Sadly, our source must have been out of date/completely wrong as they all still had a charge. We attempted to visit the National Gallery of Iceland and got half way round the first room of painting before being told we needed to pay to continue looking, so had to walk away with our heads down. Next, we went to Reykjavik’s museum of photography. This exhibition is free all the time (so we knew we would be safe) and is situated on the 6th floor of the city library. Having done photography at A Level, and having a Grandparents who are really into their art/photography (Hi Guys I know you’re reading this), I have always enjoyed looking around art/photography exhibitions. This one was relatively small and only showed a handful of artists with similar styles (all of them were in B&W). It was interesting to see the Icelandic style of photography though and some of the photos were really great!

The next stop in our day of art and culture was the National Museum of Iceland. We decided we would pay the fee of 750ISK (about £4.60) as it looked really big from the outside. It was actually pretty interesting and showed how Iceland has changed over time. There was also a postcard exhibition which allowed children to draw their own postcards and send them to friends, so naturally I decided to draw one and send it home to my family.

There were two ‘hands on’ rooms in the main exhibition which was also pretty funny. My favourite part of the museum was in the temporary exhibition section called ‘A Woman’s Place‘ and it explained how the roles of Women have changed over time in Iceland. It was bright and colourful and very informative.

Before we headed home we took a trip to the university, I’ll be writing a whole post about that later on as there is quite a lot to talk about. We also booked another tour today for Wednesday so there will be another long post on that coming up. Hope you’re all enjoying reading all about Iceland so far.

Jodie x

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