A Beach Day? IN ICELAND?!

So today definitely didn’t feel like we were in Iceland. The weather was lush; super sunny and actually very warm. We decided to head to the Perlan 360° building which we’d heard was meant to have great views over the city. And that it did. It was amazing to be able to walk all the way round the top of the building and see the whole of Reykjavik from higher ground.

The inside of the building was pretty cool, and had a fountain in the middle of it which ‘erupted’ like a geysir. The very top part of the Perlan is an expensive restaurant and there was a christmas themed gift shop.

Next stop was the beach. We walked down a track in the general direction of the beach and eventually found ourselves in the right place.

The beach was much bigger than I thought it would be, there was a small cafe and shower facilities. There were also two ‘hot pools’ where geothermal water has been pumped in and mixed with the sea water to create the perfect temperature. We sat on the beach for a bit in bikinis (I never imagined we’d be doing this in Iceland). Owen and I braved the water but didn’t last long in the actual sea so opted for one of the hot pools instead.

I really enjoyed how relaxed today was and I would 100% recommend visiting the beach if you’re thinking of going to Iceland in the summer and have a lot of spare time.We ended the day with a curry and a very early night before another exiting tour tomorrow!

Jodie x

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