A Geographer’s Paradise

(Long post warning soz)

Yesterday we did another amazing tour, booked through the same company as the last one. It was called ‘the beautiful south coast tour’ and they’re not wrong to call it that. We were sooooo lucky (yet again) with the weather which helped make everything look 10 times more stunning. The first stop on the tour after a very early start and over an hour coach journey was the Skógafoss waterfall. I actually have very vivid memories of this from my trip 5 years ago but I also seem to remember the weather being pretty gross.


We had a very quick stop to take a picture of Eyjafjallajökull. Having learnt everything about this as case studies at both GSCE and A level it was quite cool to see it for myself and the farm at the bottom.


Next stop on the tour was to the Vik’s Black sand beach. Again, I remember this quite well from 5 years ago (mainly my friend throwing up in the cave) but it was definitely more amazing the second time around in good weather. We were also fortunate enough to be visiting during puffin season and saw LOADS of them!! They were sat on top of the cave and kept flying down to the sea to catch fish and then return to the top of the cave to eat it. As I only had my phone I haven’t got any decent photos of them but a least I can now say I’ve seen a puffin!


After the beach we headed to the southernmost point of Iceland, Dyrholaey Natural Arc. I think this is literally the most photogenic place I’ve ever been! We were hoping for there to be some more puffins but unfortunately we could only see arctic terns (small seagull looking birds that have the worlds longest migration).


We headed to the Sóheimajökull glacier next! Last time I came to Iceland we walked on one of the glaciers while wearing crampons but sadly we weren’t able to do that yesterday as it wasn’t part of our trip. It was still really cool to be able to touch the glacier and the photos haven’t turned out too badly either. Maddie and I licked it too just to say we’d licked a glacier (as you do).


The final stop of our tour of the ‘beautiful south coast’ was the Skógafoss waterfall. This is the one you can walk around the back off. By this point we were all quite tired and the weather had turned very grey so my photos aren’t that great. We got really wet walking round the back of the waterfall but I guess thats all part of the experience.


I think yesterday was definitely as good if not better than the golden circle tour (although they weren’t that comparable) and I would 100% recommend it! Hope this post hasn’t bored anyone to death, I might have taken a few too many photos.

Jod x


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