Student Life in Iceland

The main purpose of our trip to Iceland was to experience life as a student in Reykjavik and visit the University. Although we were unable to properly visit the university and speak to students/staff (due to it being the summer holidays and a lack of communication), we all feel that we have experienced what it would be like to spent a significant amount of time here as a student. Being students ourselves we always knew we’d be on a budget and had heard before that Iceland is not the cheapest of countries. Therefore, we had prepared ourselves for lots of budget meals of pizza and pasta and knew we wouldn’t be able to go on too many all-day excursions.

When we visited the university we were able to walk freely in the grounds and take pictures of the buildings etc.


It looks like a really nice place to study and like the rest of Iceland, it was very clean. We found our way to ‘Askja‘, the University of Iceland’s natural sciences building. It houses studies in biology, geology, geophysics, geography, tourism and many more other students from other faculties that have lectures in the building. We were able to see into the state of the art computer labs with up to date apple computers, all holding arcGIS software. And also the science labs where experiments take place. Overall, the university itself and its accommodation looked very clean and modern and I personally would enjoy studying there.

In terms of being a student in Iceland, we all said it would probably be a lot more of a challenge than in England. I know I typically spend roughly £600 a month in Bournemouth on rent, bills and food etc. According to the advice section of the university’s website for students wanting to study in Iceland, the average amount of money spent per month ranges from 106,300 to 323,900ISK. This is equivalent to roughly £664-£2025. It also says that between £275 and £550 will be spent on food per month, which is, on average, double what I usually spend. So, as you can see, even the lower end of the scale is more expensive to what a typical English student spends per month. Having stayed in an Airbnb in the outskirts of Reykjavik during our stay, we had to use public transport quite a lot. This was rather expensive and we roughly spent 5,460ISK (£35) on just bus tickets in 2 weeks. Obviously, all of these costs are dependent on the student’s lifestyle and spending habits.

Overall, I personally believe it would be great to come and study at the University of Iceland. The country is amazing, the people are friendly and I’m pretty sure there can’t be a better place to study geography?! If you are going to consider applying to study here it would be advisable to save up beforehand and be prepared to live on a budget.

Hopefully this information can be useful for any students considering applying to study abroad at the University of Iceland, if anyone has any further questions feel free to message me.

Jodie x

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